The Future of Telecommunications – Use Cases That Lie Beyond Voice and Data

Our previous article looked at four different areas where telecommunications are showing particular innovation namely, 5G, edge computing, artificial intelligence and millimetre wave. In this article, we discuss interesting and innovative use cases in each of the areas mentioned above. 5G powers telehealth innovation  The fifth generation of mobile networks already have a vital impact […]

Telecommunications: The Future Is Here

The promise of 5G As can be expected, 5G will continue to have a major and expanding influence on everything that telcos do in terms of products and services. Advances in automation and autonomy, driven by 5G, will impact the entire telecommunications landscape – from autonomous network management and maintenance to optimisation of factories transitioning […]

From Rivers And Oceans As Ancient Flows Of Information To The Internet Of Things

A brief summary of information sharing As mentioned, one of the earliest known forms of information sharing took the form of cave drawings around 15,000 BC. In addition, ancient civilisations used smoke signals to share information such as declaring territory and sending out warnings of imminent danger. As civilisations evolved, so did their methods of […]