Four Myths About 5G Technology Debunked

FOUR MYTHS ABOUT 5G TECHNOLOGY DEBUNKED Myth 1: 5G will ultimately replace 4G Myth 2: 5G uses more energy than previous generations Myth 3: 5G is linked to US military direct-energy weapon Myth 4: 5G is unsafe and spreads COVID-19   SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER 5G is the buzz word in the world of […]

Three RF Safety Measures For Tower Climbers

3 RF SAFETY MEASURES FOR TOWER CLIMBERS Completing the relevant training There’s no “I” in team Being equipped with the right PPE   SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER Tower climbers have one of the most dangerous professions in the world, predominantly due to the risks associated with falling. However, those who work on structures that […]

Radio Frequency Transmitting Towers – 5 Things You Didn’t Know

RADIO FREQUENCY TRANSMITTING TOWERS 5 THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER Most people are aware of the existence of radio frequency transmitting (RF) towers or masts. They’ve grown in popularity over the last decade or so and have become an almost ubiquitous feature in modern life. But as with any piece of […]

What Is RF Radiation And Why Limit Overexposure?

WHAT IS RADIO FREQUENCY (RF) RADIATION AND WHY SHOULD RF WORKERS LIMIT OVEREXPOSURE? SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER Wireless communication has grown exponentially over the past three decades and the rate of growth is still on the increase. The cause and result of this exponential growth is more communication devices, which require more radio towers […]

Limiting RF Overexposure

LIMITING RF OVEREXPOSURE SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER The transmission of RF energy is currently a critical component in providing telecommunications services such as radio and television broadcasting, cellular telephones, radio communications for law enforcement, microwave point-to-point links, and satellite communications. For many years, the public, policymakers, and health researchers have been concerned about the […]

Understanding Radio Frequency (RF) Radiation Exclusion Zones

UNDERSTANDING RADIO FREQUENCY (RF) RADIATION EXCLUSION ZONES What are RF radiation exclusion zones? Understanding exclusion zones. Common antenna types and their exclusion zones.   SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER Countries globally have adopted science-based basic restrictions and imposed derived specific reference levels for occupational and general exposure to RF Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs). Measures have also […]

Safe Working Around Transmitting Antennas

SAFE WORKING AROUND TRANSMITTING ANTENNAS SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER The radio connections that we depend on for our daily safety, security, communication, and entertainment are most effectively delivered to our devices from a considerable height above our surrounding area. This makes towers, rooftops, utility poles and other existing structures the best locations to secure […]

5g Is Unlocking These New Trends In The Next 2 To 5 Years

5G IS UNLOCKING THESE NEW TRENDS IN THE NEXT 2 TO 5 YEARS SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER Globally, digital connections are becoming broader and faster and are providing a platform for every industry wanting to boost productivity and innovation. The promise of 5G has captured the attention of the media as well as business […]

What Are The Requirements For The Rapid Roll-Out Of 5G?

WHAT ARE THE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE RAPID ROLL-OUT OF 5G? SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER Rolling out 5G technology is a key enabler for both mobile broadband developments and new use cases in mobile networks. Furthermore, cloud-based cores will power 5G networks and allow physical functions to be virtualised and moved around the network. Software […]